Assistant Professor of practice
University of Pennsylvania



Spring 2019

Previous semesters

  • CIS 120: Programming Languages and Techniques I
  • Fundamentals of Programming (CS1)
  • Programming & Data Structures (CS2)
  • Survey of Computer Science (Introduction to Computational Thinking)
  • Mobile programming (Android)


        My research work is centered on the OpenDSA project. The goal of the OpenDSA project is to create complete online interactive textbook for data structures and algorithms (DSA) courses. You can see my contributions to the project by visiting my   Github page.

        The digital library for users and developers of algorithm visualizations and           animations (AVs). It is a gateway to AV-related services, collections,               and resources.

  • bse_dl

The Biosystems Engineering Digital Library was created by a consortium of unversities as part of the TABE.NET project jointly funded by the European Commission and US Department of Education. Its goal is to advance internationalization of Biosystems Engineering curricula and education by developing global awareness within the discipline.